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Dec 11, 2019

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The PopWallet – $24.99

(Yes, the one you’ve been blowing up my DM’s about.)

  • This nifty gadget holds up to 4 cards (depending on how thick the cards are!)
  • The pop-socket is directly attached to the wallet
  • Easily sticks to phone cases
  • Removable after sticking to a phone case
  • Not bulky what so ever
  • For your girls that hate purses and wallets (me) or just need to carry less (also me).

Popsocket Car Dash & Windshield Mount – $29.99

Good to note, even though I feel like this is very obvious, this car mount is only for those who have a popsocket!!

  • I’ve had this car mount for about 2 weeks and the adhesive sticks like it’s never going to come off
  • Popwallet or regular popsocket easily slides into place
  • Good for those who need GPS to go… Like… Everywhere (Me).

The Book I Think Everyone on this Planet NEEDS – $11.69

I was gifted this book by a company I work with, and as soon as I opened it, I sent a text to my sister with the link to this easy read to purchase. The text said, “If you buy anything this month, please let it be this.”.

I have made everyone who know me read this, and without a doubt, all of them said that it was one of the most positive, uplifting, eye-opening, visual, body-positive, easy read.

This is a PERFECT gift for her, and everyone who identifies as a woman!

MegaBabe Thigh Rescue Anti Chafe Stick – $19

For my thick thigh ladies that love to wear shorts or WANT to wear shorts but CAN’T because it’s PAINFUL to walk as your thighs clap with each step (Me), this will save your life, or the friend you choose to gift this to.

I got my first stick last summer and I’ve purchased about 5 sticks now. We all deserve to feel like Mega Babe’s when our thighs are out!!!

The (Mik)Famous R&Co Dry Shampoo Paste – $28

This dry shampoo paste has lasted me 7 months, and is the best dry shampoo for thin hair. It absorbs the oil, and also adds in texture and volume that I have never seen before in a product. I speak volumes about this product.

For the girl who accidentally uses a bottle of dry shampoo a week.

Aquaphor Lip Repair Chapstick – $4

(The only chapstick I will ever wear or buy)

  • For the chapstick girl
  • Dual-use.. You can use it to also put on scratches or wounds to heal without scarring!
  • The shiniest lips you will ever have

Spa Headbands – $7

(For the messy face washer that gets water everywhere and in her hair- aka ME)

I personally do not know how to wash my face without getting my hair wet, and before I found these headbands, I would get so frustrated!! This is an every day use for anyone!

For the self-tanner babes, this is for you – $8

I recently got a spray tan, and on top of me trying to act as confident as possible standing there naked in front of someone I had just met that day, she starts throwing BABY POWDER on my BODY!!!

You should have seen my face… It was a mixture of confused and mortified.

Turns out, putting powder on after you self tan or get a spray tan eliminates that “sticky” feeling you have during the tan developing time. It was so life changing that I bought this gold bond to put on myself after I self-tan!

Bio Oil – $8

For ingrown hairs, scarring, skin complexion, and razor bumps

I started using this when a brand had sent it to me and I ALMOST didn’t start using it because my skin never responds to oils well. Especially wit naturally acne prone and oily skin. That being said, bio oil has worked wonders on my bikini line ingrown hairs and I am so thankful for it.

I use it right after shaving and it leaves the most beautiful and moisturized feeling on my skin!

60 Pc Set of Velvet Scrunchies – $13

For my girls who are prone to hair breakage (me)

I recently went to my hair dresser, Claire, and I asked her, “Girl, how do I stop my hair from being so damaged. Are there any products I can use?”

Her response, “Yes. If you put your hair up, please use scrunchies because it is a hell of a lot more gentle on your hair than regular hair ties. Even the spiral ones!”

These come in a pack of 60, and they add so much style to my outfits that need a little pop of color!

TULA 2 piece stocking stuffer (Code: MIK20) – $24

The skincare that completely changed my skin… I mean… Just LOOK!!!!

Even if your gift is for someone that doesn’t struggle with skin… This brand is BLOWING UP because of the results due to the probiotics in each product!

  • 24-7 moisture travel size hydrating day & night cream (0.5 oz)
  • the cult classic purifying face cleanser (1 oz)

And p.s. Acne doesn’t make you any less beautiful <3

The $9 razor

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No parabens or sulfates
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • Never tested on animals

I struggle so much with ingrown hair in my bikini line, and I switched to mens razors a couple years back because they had sharper blades.

Waxing is cool, and would recommend, but it can be a lot of money! I found out about Billie a few months ago and decided to hop on the band wagon to see what all the fuss was about. And behold, I found a women’s razor that was not only BETTER than any mens razor I have ever tried, but CHEAPER than ANY razor I’ve seen. The beginner pack is $9, and for a refill pack of 4 razors it’s $9 as well.

The Ice Roller – $18

My sister became obsessed with jade rollers when her allergies started acting up… Until she came across this bad boy.

For my girls with puffy morning faces and under-eyes, allergies, or even prone to injury, this is for you!!!

Little tip here: Make sure to wash to roller if you roll on your face to prevent breakouts!

Silk Pillowcase – $23

This pillow help prevent wrinkles and even breakouts, help skin stay hydrated, and regulate body heat.

I have 2 silk pillow cases, and have ALREADY seen my skin improve over 4 months of having them due to less bacteria!! For the girls who love their beauty sleep.


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