26 Puppy Essentials

Jan 30, 2020

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Cleaning Supplies

My biggest piece of advice is to NOT go the cheap option on cleaning supplies and get double of everything. It’s not IF it will happen, its a “it WILL happen” kind of life we enter being dog parents! There WILL be a moment when you are looking at your dogs accident on the ground, carpet, our clothes, your bed and remembering that you forgot to get more cleaning supplies after their last accident. There WILL be a moment where if you don’t get the correct cleaning supplies, your dog will think it’s okay to go there again because the scent isn’t completely gone. These are the cleaning supplies I have in my house that were recommended by my trainers, and of course I recommend getting a professional opinion about this too if you are unsure!

Cleaning after your Dog

Deodorizing wipes come in HANDY if poo poo or pee pee gets on your dogs fur. I use these wipes on rainy days to wipe off Blue’s muddy paws so he doesn’t get my apartment dirty as well! And of course, poop bags. Don’t be that person that doesn’t clean after your pet!!

Collar Essentials

I personally love the martingale collar so Blue doesn’t pull me when I’m walking, and these collars have amazing reviews for dog owners and trainers. As always, please consult your vet or trainer to make sure this is a good fit for you!

LED light collar for night time walks, or if you let your dog out at night for your dogs safety and your security in knowing where your dog is at all times!

Any professional or trainer will tell you to have a dog tag in case your pup gets lost. I linked a silent dog tag with a rubber silencer so you don’t have to endure the constant clinging normal dog tags have!

Food/Water Essentials

These dog bowls are amazing! The first dog bowls I got, as the decor freak I am, didn’t look cute at all. I had a rubber mat underneath and it just looked… Off. This GENIUS elevated dog bowl adjusts as your pup grows and its so much cuter than any makeshift dog station you’ll put together!

During the summer, if I didn’t have this portable dog bowl water bottle I wouldn’t have been able to stay outside with Blue like I had. This comes in handy any time and everywhere you end up traveling with your dog!

Car Essentials

I think these next items are pretty self explanatory— If you have both a car and a dog, these are the essentials I recommend to save your car from getting destroyed!

Food Storage

This affordable option works just fine to store your dogs food! I hold a storage container in my coat closet and its nice that I don’t have to keep reaching in the dog food bag when it’s time to feed my dog! I also linked the more expensive simple human option that I currently have— I chose to purchase the simple human container because it has a clean look, is finger print proof, it locks shut, and it has a magnetic dog scoop feature when you open up the container so that your hands don’t have to touch the dog food!

Crate Training Essentials

I am obviously not a trainer, but I wanted to include these because it truly helps when you have a crate that can easily break down to travel with you. This crate also has an extra crate wall feature for growing dogs that need a smaller space. Ps. Please do yourself a favor and get a crate cover!!!! THIS HELPED BLUE SO MUCH!!!


Whether you are a new puppy owner or a long time dog owner, we all know the importance of keeping your dog busy when you need your attention elsewhere. Let’s be honest… Having a dog is really distracting. I could watch Blue for entertainment all day (I’ve definitely done this before). These are the interactive treats I have!

This slow treater is KEY if you have a dog that doesn’t like baths!

House Protection Essentials

Thankfully Blue is not one that jumps up and scratches doors and walls, but I do have friends that have dogs where this is a major problem. One of my friends recently purchased a door protector from amazon and I wanted to include it for you!

An item that isn’t very cheap but I LOVE SO MUCH

I kept seeing commercials and ads for this bed EVERYWHERE, and I ended up buying it because Blue pooped all over a carpet and it couldn’t be saved. This dog bed has waterproof faux fur and can be washed easily! It has a memory foam insert too. Blue has been obsessed with it ever since I put it on my floor. It also lives up to the decor in my apartment so it’s a win win 🙂

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