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Dec 21, 2020

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As many of you know, I just recently purchased my first home! While the experience of moving in and getting settled has been exciting, there are a lot of home essentials I realized I needed to buy for my new home.

Whether you’re like me and just bought your first home or you’ve been at the same place for years, there are some home essentials that every homeowner should have. To help you out, I put together this list of 9 home essentials I have found to be extremely useful and I think you will too!

Items I’ve Purchased Since Owning a Home

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2458

This carpet cleaner is a must-have if you have pets and it’s DEFINITELY a must if you have young animals that are more prone to having accidents. It has come in handy many times cleaning up after Blue. I love that it’s light and portable so you can use it on most surfaces. It obviously works wonders on carpets, but it has also been useful on furniture and car upholstery too. 

X-PROTECTOR Premium Furniture Pads

Hardwood floors are super trendy right now and they always look timeless and beautiful! I preserve mine by sticking these felt pads on the bottom of all my furniture. This set of 133 pads by X-PROTECTOR is awesome because it includes various sizes and two different colors. 

These pads are a great way to discreetly protect your floors from scuffs and scratch marks. Not to mention the sliding effect makes rearranging your furniture a little easier! Who doesn’t love an easy Feng shui?

GARDEASE ReLeaf Leaf Scoops

I know these hand rakes might look a little funny, but TRUST ME these are a lifesaver when you’re doing work in the yard! In my opinion, these hand-held rakes are much faster and easier to use than a traditional rake. Much like a traditional rake, you can use these to gather leaves into a pile, but then you can scoop them up and easily place them into a bag or trash can. 

Lowes 30 Gallon Paper Lawn Leaf Trash Bags and Lava Heavy Duty Gardening Hand Soap

Speaking of leaves… After you use your new hand rakes to scoop up your leaves, you’re going to need something to put them in. If you live in a neighborhood that does leaf pick up these paper trash bags by Lowes are for you! Even if your neighborhood doesn’t do leaf pick up, these are still a great buy for disposing of your leaves. 

This bundle comes with 10 bags that each hold 30 gallons, so you’ll be able to fit a good amount of leaves in each bag. The Lava Heavy Duty Gardening Hand Soap is an added bonus that will keep your hands clean and soft after any yard work!

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop, Floor Steamer, Tile Cleaner, and Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1940, Blue Powerfresh

If you’re looking for a product that will help you deep-clean your hard floor surfaces, this Bissel Steam Mop will help you get the job done. I use this on all the hard floors like the hardwood, tile, and ceramic throughout my house. Bissel does not recommend using this product on any unsealed or unfinished floors so fair warning! 

Because the Bissell Steam Mop is so flexible, it is easy to get into some of the awkward nooks and crannies of my home. It leaves my floors looking and smelling so fresh and clean. An added bonus is that when you’re done, both of the mop pads that are included can be thrown in the washing machine! This mop also sanitizes your floors, which is awesome because… well, COVID. 

Reusable Household Gloves

This 10 pack of reusable rubber gloves will probably come in handy the most out of everything on this list of home essentials. You can use them for cleaning, doing the dishes, handling bleach, painting, yard work, or cleaning up after your pets. I can promise that you’ll find a use for these gloves! It’s just a simple fact that homes get messy and these are great to have any time you don’t want your hands touching something gross or harmful.

Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Extender Starter Kit, 13 Piece Set

I cannot stress enough how much use I get out of my Swiffer duster! This is pretty much essential for all homeowners, especially if you have pets that shed. It is perfect for quickly cleaning up dust, hair, and pet fur on virtually every surface. 

I love that it can clean tight areas like bookshelves and also do larger items like ceiling fans and beams. This duster also extends up to 3ft, so it’s great for reaching high places like the top of your fridge or behind a shelf. This starter kit comes with duster replacements, so when yours is looking dirty, you can just throw it away and slide on a new one!

6 Pack Stainless Steel Sponges

Prepare to be amazed by all the items in your home that can be cleaned with these reusable steel sponges! It can tackle the obvious like baked-on food on pots and pans, but it can also revive your oven, grill, patio furniture, and so much more. They’re perfect for stains or messes that just refuse to come off. I know they look like they would be rough to the touch, but they’re actually softer than you think! 

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Electrical Outlet Cover with 3 Outlet Extension Cord, 8-foot, Standard Size

If you’ve read my Black Friday Must-Haves blog, this electrical outlet cover extension cord will probably look familiar. I just love this product so much that I couldn’t resist adding it to my list of home essentials as well! 

I personally hate the look of a bunch of tangled cords and this cover just gives my home a more polished sleek appearance. It hides all your cords by consolidating them into only one visible cord. 

Becoming a first-time homeowner really made me realize there are some things you don’t even think about before owning a home. I was and still am discovering products I never knew I needed. 

These home essentials have made my life as a homeowner more convenient, and I hope you try a few of them out for yourself!

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