Finish your holiday shopping with these Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime Day Finds

Oct 4, 2023

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for ways to spruce up your living space, elevate your culinary skills, pamper your pets and just generally make life a bit more comfortable. And it is always a plus when these things are on sale!

Lucky for us, Amazon Prime Day is October 10 and 11 this year! Here are some of the products I’ve had my eye on for a while… and might just show up on my doorstep in a few days 😉 

Home and Apartment Must-Haves

Full Length Mirror

Start your day in style with a full-length mirror that adds a touch of elegance to your space.

Storage Shelves

We all need a little organization help and these shelves are perfect for just that. Keep your rooms clutter-free with chic and functional storage shelves.

End Tables

Complete the look of your living room with vintage-looking end tables.

Insect Traps

Who says bug traps have to be gross? This insect trap attracts bugs with light and traps them without any chemicals. There’s no mess and it just looks like a cute little nightlight. But don’t forget the refills!

Kitchen Essentials

Air Fryer

Everything tastes better in an air fryer. Seriously, just throw in some veggies, sweet potatoes and even chicken breast! It’s not so heavy from all the grease and is crispier every time.

Self Sharpening Knife Block

You’ll never have to deal with dull knives again. Seriously though, aren’t these gorgeous??

Electric Kettle

Boiling water just got exciting. Say goodbye to waiting forever for that cup of tea!

Drip Coffee Maker

No more groggy mornings. Wake up to a fresh brew and start the day right with this auto-brewer.

Outdoor Living

Fire Pit

Turn your yard into a cozy paradise. S’mores, ghost stories and stargazing await!

Solar Torch Lights

Light up your outdoor space with these solar torches. Your garden will feel like a tropical oasis.

Mosquito Repellent

I love sitting on my back porch on those early fall nights, but the bugs won’t let me live my life in peace. This is the only mosquito repellent I’ve found that actually keeps them away and doesn’t have an odor!

Pet Lovers

Dog Bed

Spoil your pets with a comfy bed that’s so plush, you might want to take a nap on it!

Cat Tree

Watch your cat climb, scratch, and rule the world from their very own cat tree.

Licking Mat

Save your pets from boredom and get them a mat that makes them work for their food. It helps with those fast eaters too!

Cute & Comfy Clothes

Joggers & Sweatpants

Elevate your loungewear game with the softest sweatpants and joggers, perfect for both cozy nights in and stylish outings!

Cross Body Bag

I love this cross body bag because it’s cute AND it’s functional! 

Shoe Laces

If you’re anything like me, you get your shoelaces dirty beyond cleaning. This is the perfect time to grab a pack of laces at a cheaper price!

Miscellaneous Finds

TikTok Hairbrush

I’ve seen this hairbrush on my TikTok fyp so many times in the past few weeks. A brush that doesn’t rip your hair out no matter how gentle you brush? Amazing!

Nail Repair Pen

This keratin repair and conditioning treatment pen is perfect for helping me keep my nails healthy. It’s been a game changer for me and I can’t recommend it enough!

Rock Tumbler

I recently got into rock tumbling and it is awesome! I’ve always been fascinated by rocks and the story they tell, so getting this rock tumbler to transform the dirtiest rock into a smooth and beautiful gem!

The holidays are right around the corner. Whether you’re buying for someone or you just want to treat yourself, don’t miss out on these great Amazon Prime Day deals!


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