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Mik Zazon - Amazon Prime Day Deals

Jun 18, 2021

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Happy Amazon Prime Day (Eve)! I’ve listed all of my favorite finds and Amazon must-haves that you can’t miss for Prime Day! I know you’ll love all these things as much as I do. 

Cute & convenient household items

Modern hanging planters

For me, a simple house plant holds the energy to completely change my mood for the better, so let’s make her look cute while doing it.

Gold trash can

It’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s literally a trash can, but with STYLE! Best of all, it hides the trash bag and odors can’t escape, making it seem like a cute decoration.

Bamboo Squatty Potty

If you aren’t using a squatty potty yet, then what are you doing? Bathroom talk isn’t the sexiest thing ever, but neither is bloating or constipation that can be prevented! 

The convenient design makes it easy to store while you’re not using it and the bamboo material makes it great for the environment. Also, it’s really cute, so it won’t look out of place in your bathroom!

Amber glass soap dispenser & dispenser labels

Who would’ve thought bottles and labels would tie a room together. They are adorable additions to the authentic vibe of your bathroom or kitchen. 

The glass bottles provide UV protection to the product inside, making it last longer. Plus, the plastic pump and lid are BPA-free, recyclable, dishwasher safe. Finish off the natural look with product labels that are waterproof *and* reusable, so they don’t get ruined when wet or leave annoying residue!

So, why haven’t you gotten them yet?

The lawn mower of my dreams

This baby has smart cut technology that detects the thickness of the grass and automatically adjusts its power, it’s easy to maneuver, and the perfect size to mow a half-acre yard in one charge.

With all the rain in Ohio lately, your grass is definitely going to need a trim, so treat yourself to a quality lawn mower.

Ally pride flag

Show off your LGBTQIA+ pride and support with this high quality, inclusive pride flag. It’s made to be durable, so the colors won’t fade in the sun and the ends won’t tear in the wind.

My beauty and self-care must haves

Detangling brush 

If you have fine hair like me, then it’s hard finding a detangling brush that doesn’t rip out most of your hair. Fortunately, I came across this little miracle. It detangles my hair without ripping it out AND it smooths it down. For a long time I thought I had to choose between healthy hair and smooth hair, but now I don’t! 

Hair Ties

Keeping with the theme of fine hair, let’s talk hair ties. These are the only hair ties I use because they don’t break my hair when I take them out, they are clear so they don’t stick out, and they don’t give me those annoying ponytail headaches.

Pimple patches

First, adult acne is normal and your skin is beautiful. Pimples can still get painful and annoying, though. I use these overnight pimple patches because they stay on all night and don’t dry out my skin! 

These patches are sterilized and non-toxic so there’s no skin damage!

Pill bottle timer cap

I have ADHD and forget to take my meds ALL THE TIME, so I’ve invested in a pill organizer that tells you the last time you opened a compartment. 

Taking prescriptions regularly and on time is important to your health, and this helps prevent the anxiety from worrying about having skipped or doubled up a dose. 

The best part is that I don’t even have to remember to set the timer – it restarts as soon as you open any of the compartments!

My daily multivitamin & daily probiotic

These are my favorite morning supplements. The multivitamin has your daily dose of vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, and helps with cognitive health. The best part is I love how pure this product is –  it has no artificial colors or flavors and is non-GMO, gluten free, and hypoallergenic.

Whether you have a regular tummy or deal with frequent stomach issues, this daily probiotic helps prevent or reduce bloating and gas and promote regularity. It gets rid of the bad bacteria and produces more good bacteria to help with the digestive system. It’s a lifesaver for my gut health queens!

THE Mascara

You may have heard about this mascara on Tik Tok but let me tell you, I can’t live without it. It’s lengthening, volumizing, and it stays all day! It isn’t clumpy like other volumizing mascaras can be and it goes on SMOOTH. Like really smooth. 

Fun and functional apparel 

Tank top with built in bra

This top is it! Fashion + function = cropped tank with a built in sports bra. It’s so comfortable that you can wear it whenever, wherever. It’s definitely my go-to during the summer and easy to pair with running shorts on the go or high-waisted jeans and strappy sandals on the town.  

For the puzzle masters

Puzzles, Puzzles, and more Puzzles

I love puzzles! They are the perfect way to wind down after a busy day. They allow you to tune out the world and focus on something engaging and calming.

Puzzle piece sorting trays/organizer & puzzle storage mat

Puzzle amateur? These will turn you into a pro. I found this amazing puzzle piece organizer that saves so much time looking for a missing piece and is a serious space saver. You can sort your pieces and safely store them to come back to later. 

On the nights I don’t lose track of time and stay up way too late to finish a 1,500-piece puzzle (just me?) I use this puzzle mat to roll up and store an incomplete puzzle. It keeps it safely together and helps me from having all of the flat surfaces in my home monopolized by half-completed puzzles. 


Selfie stick and tripod

Here’s your behind the scenes special: this is the tool that allows me to be a one-woman production. I use this all-in-one selfie stick and tripod for all my insta photos and tiktoks. It’s totally adjustable and has a bluetooth remote that works with iPhones or Android devices. It’s also super lightweight and folds up to about 15” so I can easily bring it along on all my adventures.  

Now we just (im)patiently wait for all the packages to arrive…


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