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Aug 7, 2020

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My first ever merchandise line, Commen, is officially available for purchase and I am seriously SO. EXCITED. 

Commen has evolved over the last few months and taken on its own personality, brand, and story so I wanted to be sure to take the time to explain what it means and the products included in the first drop. 

Here is the Commen story: 

The word “common” is often a synonym for words like normal, average, and ordinary. And for the majority of our lives, we’ve been told that beauty is not normal. It’s an anomaly. 

Beauty is only reserved for the wealthy and powerful. 

But that’s not the case. 

Beauty is everywhere. You just have to own it. 

That’s why I decided to change the “o” to an “e” in common so it is Commen, with an emphasis on ME. Because that’s all it takes. You and the ability to own your beauty and show up exactly as who you are. 

With shipping to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and the United States Minor Outlying Islands, I hope you’re able to find a piece in this collection that speaks to you and that sparks joy. 

Brave and Afraid Fleece Cropped Crewneck  

A must have piece from my Commen collection is the brave and afraid cropped crewneck. This hoodie is the perfect dusty blue color with white “brave and afraid” text made of cotton and polyester fleece. 

This sweatshirt is the softest, coziest, and stretchiest material. It fits true to size, and hits at/or around the belly button.

I’m wearing a size medium in the photo below but the dusty blue cropped hoodie is available in sizes S – 2X for $45.

Cute Belly Flowy Cropped Tee 

The entire Commen line was designed for all shapes, sizes, and body types so I knew I needed a piece that reflected its purpose. The cute belly tee is a reminder that everyone has a belly, and more importantly, everyone has a cute belly. 

Embrace your body and know it is NORMAL and BEAUTIFUL.

I’m wearing a size medium in the photo below. The cute belly tee is available in sizes S – 2X for $32. It’s made of different material than some of my other products, making it just as unique as you.

Normalize Normal Bodies Tee

When I first had the idea to start my own merchandise line, I knew it needed to include a nod to my signature Normalize Normal Bodies slogan. 

The #normalizenormalbodies movement is my mission. It’s what got me to where I am today and why I’m even able to share my life with all of you and for that, I’m thankful. 

The Normalize Normal Bodies tee is unisex, available in sizes S – 3X for $28. I’m wearing a size medium and my girl Donny is rocking an extra-large. If you want to make it your own, tie the bottom into a fun knot, cut it into a cute crop, or add some tie-dye for a fun at-home project. 

Commen Hoodie

Simple but to the point, just like Commen, this hoodie is a reminder to find and own your own beauty. 

Available in unisex sizes S-3X for $50 this hoodie is full-length with a drawstring. It’s made of the softest material, perfect for lounging on the couch or running errands. I’m wearing a size medium! 

These Commen pieces have been so fun to design and see come to life. I hope you love them as much as I do! 

If you want to check out any of the pieces in my Commen collection, visit my online store or stay up-to-date with the latest Commen news by following @shopcommen on Instagram or on Facebook.

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