Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Oct 22, 2021

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Whether you waited until the last minute to think about a costume or you aren’t sure about even going out at all, I’ve got you! Most of the pieces in each costume I’ve curated are trendy, useful wardrobe staples that you might already have in your closet (or will definitely want to add to your closet). 

Nostalgia at its finest

Remember in middle school when you dressed up as your favorite TV character or superhero? Here’s another chance to do that. You’ll feel like a kid again and everyone at the party will love debating which is the best DCOM. 

Kim Possible

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me

Kim was seriously a badass and you’ll be seriously glad you had those ultra comfy Doc Martens on while you partied all night. Your bestie or your date should totally dress up as Ron, too.

Checklist: Black turtleneck, Green Cargos, Ron’s Gray Cargos, Boots, Gloves 

Timmy Turner

Giant snake, birthday cake, large fry, chocolate cake!

Did someone say jeans and a t-shirt? Count me in. Also, check out this tutorial to get some Timmy Turner bangs, too. 

Checklist: Hat, Hot Pink Top, Jeans, Acid Denim Vans 

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go “boom boom”

My supernova girl

Zetus Lapetus! This Zenon costume is super cute, but also a great opportunity to wear high pigtails again. Find your favorite supernova girl to go as Nebula! Or make it a group thing and bring Protozoa along, too.  

Checklist: Zenon’s Vest, that denim skirt in the bottom of your closet, Tights, Black and Purple Vans, Nebula’s vest , Pink Outfit Top, Pink Bottoms, Metallic Scrunchies  

Staying comfy 

If you’re thinking about staying in and passing out candy, or if you’ve signed up for traipsing around the neighborhood with your favorite kiddo, these costumes will keep you comfy and cozy the whole evening. 


Joggers and a bralette are probably what you live in on any other Sunday, so why change it up this weekend, right? Pair it with a high pony and this costume will make all your wishes come true. 

Checklist: Blue top, Bottoms, Sandals

Meme-able Bernie Sanders

Okay, so this was a thing 9 months ago, but it’s a great chance to bring it back – especially if there is any chance of wintry weather where you live. 

Checklist: Bernie Mittens and this gorgeous anorak jacket or this classic parka 

Classic and Sexy

Thanks to Savage X Fenty, piecing together a sexy Halloween costume has never been easier. If you’re headed to a bash or you’re staying in for a *ahem* private party with your boo, these costumes will be showing off all your assets. (But check out these pasties if you still want to keep a couple things a secret…) 

Witch, Cat, Vampire

All black is classic, and you’re sure to need these vegan leather pants for your next girls night out, too. 

Checklist: Mesh Cami, Leather Pants ]

Devil, Red Riding Hood, Vampire

Leather and lace is a great look for a devil. Or go softer with a velvet cloak and basket as Little Red Riding Hood. 

Checklist: Bodysuit, Cloak, Horns

Mother Earth

I posted about this DREAMY latex body suit that’s now sold out a couple weeks ago. But don’t worry, you can still make this look totally work for you. 

Checklist: Body suit, Garland 

Space Alien, Robot, Woman from the future

Total babe, Woman of the 22nd Century?

Checklist: Skirt, Bra, Alien headband, Futuristic Glasses


Turn all the haters into stone. You’re one badass goddess, babe. Check out this tutorial to DIY yourself a snake-hair headpiece. 

Checklist: Bodysuit or Slip dress

Whatever costume you wear this year, Babe, don’t forget the most important accessory – CONFIDENCE [insert hair flip here].


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