Blue & Remi’s Top 10 Mentally Stimulating Pet Toys

Apr 21, 2023

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Hello, Friends! ☺️

It’s so nice to meet you. We are Blue & Remi! Our Mom, Mik, thought we should share our top 10 favorite pet toys with you so that you could share them with your pets at home. 

Sometimes we have too much energy and nowhere to put it. Which always results in zoomies around the house for Blue and knocking things over in retaliation for Remi. There are days when Mom needs peace and quiet, and she found a great selection of toys to keep us entertained while she’s working. 

Now –  narrowing our favorite toys down to 10 was not an easy task, but we did it! So humans, without further adieu, we present Blue & Remi’s top 10 favorite mentally stimulating pet toys. Our furry friends will love these!

Blue’s Picks

Starmark Bob-A-Lot

This toy is Blue approved because it means extra treats throughout the day! All you have to do is boop it with your nose a few times to get a treat. If you play with this on hardwood floors, you’ll be running all over the place trying to catch it. But the extra activity is worth it for the yummy treats. 

PetGeek Automatic Dog Bone

This automated dog toy will move all around the house all by itself. I think it might be magic. I can chase it, chew on it, and carry it around if needed. It’s hours’ worth of fun and helps me release my energy after a long day filled with naps. 

Licking Mat

To be honest, I’m not really sure this qualifies as a toy, but Mom says it keeps me occupied, especially when there is peanut butter involved. It does take a long time to get the entire thing clean, but I’m never one not to finish my meals. 

Warning: Mom says this works wonders if you’re trying to keep your pet occupied for brushing or a bath. Which seems an awful lot like bribery to me. 

Milk & Cookies Toy

One thing I’ll never turn down is Milk & Cookies.. even if it’s the plush kind. This toy is wonderfully time-consuming because the cookies start inside the milk container, and us dogo’s have to try to get them out with our paws. Which can be difficult without thumbs. 

Elephant Crinkle Plush Toy

 How cute is this elephant? It’s perfect for both big and small dogos and the ears crinkle just the right amount. It’s great for playing fetch, chewing on, and cuddling during afternoon naps. I think I’ll name this one Ellie the Elephant. 

Remi’s Picks

3 in 1 Pataroma Toy

This toy is engaging for a cat of any size. The butterflies move atop the toy for jumping practice, the balls move around the center for batting practice, and the feather pops out on different sides for stalking/pouncing activities. Three activities in one toy! That’s a great deal. 

Indoor Cat Tunnel

This indoor cat tunnel is Remi approved because it’s my own personal hideaway from the dogs/humans. The tunnel is perfect for cat zoomies, and there’s also a hammock and a comfy bed for napping. It’s so lovely some days I never want to leave. 

Catit Senses 2.0 Toy

Mom says this works similarly to the licking mat for Blue. Although I never have to use it in the water chamber like Blue.. Mom puts treats inside the toy, and then I have to try to get them out with my paws. 

Interactive Cat Ball Toy

This toy might just be my favorite. It’s a USB-charged toy that moves around based on sound anytime I hit it with my paw. It lights up as it moves around the room and has multiple different colored attachments that I can chase as well. It’s 5-7 hours’ worth of fun!

FunPetz Interactive Toy

This toy might be the easiest for Mom on the go. It can be attached to any hard surface. Ex: a tabletop, counter or armchair. The interactive toy will automatically move one of two attachments up and down, causing me to chase it/jump to catch the toy. That way if I’m wanting attention, I can still be near my favorite humans and get playtime in without them having to lift a finger. 

Let us know your pet’s favorite toys below! So we can tell Mom to get them for us 😉

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