Getting Through the Holidays

Dec 6, 2022

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Chances are you’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s the most wonderful time of year” said more than once around the holidays. While the brightly colored lights, freshly fallen snow, and cozy vibes undoubtedly spread holiday cheer, for more than a few of us the holiday season can be less than magical. 

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t get stressed around the holidays? So – if you’re anything like me and need a little extra boost of serotonin during the cold weather months or if you need tips on navigating the busy and hectic holiday season, you’re in the right place! Check out your very own getting through the holidays survival kit below!

Make time for yourself

Starts singing “A few of my favorite things” from Sound of Music. Seriously though, when life gets hectic one of the simplest ways to survive the crazy is by finding a few quiet moments for yourself throughout the day. Remember – self care is important! I know so many people who run themselves ragged trying to make the holiday season perfect for everyone else, yet they forget to fill their own cups up with love and tidings of joy. So what’s the best way to make sure you’re taking care of yourself the next few months? 

Find time everyday to do a few of your favorite things. I know, I know, this time of year everyone is busy and no one has the time right? Take five minutes out of your morning and make your favorite cup of coffee. Or read a chapter of a new book before bed. Start a new skincare routine, cuddle your dog, watch an episode of your favorite tv show. It can be anything, just as long as it helps you relax at the beginning or end of the day! 

Remember it’s OK to feel BLUE

Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder affects millions of people each year. Colder temperatures, and diminished sunlight throughout the day, can have a surprising effect on your mental health. Unlike animals, we don’t get to hibernate during the winter months. But, I do think they have the right idea most mornings when I step outside and into below freezing temperatures. If the change in seasons each year causes you to feel blue, I want you to think about this when you are feeling down. If you are blue, you are beautiful, loved, unique, and exceptional. Remember – You are not alone, and we all could use a little more sunshine in our lives. If you or 

Someone you know is struggling with seasonal affectiveness disorder please seek help. Check out my previous blog post for tips related to  staying positive during seasonal depression

Surround yourself with loved ones

It’s easy to feel lonely during the holidays especially if you are missing a loved one, grieving, dealing with stressful situations or with mental health problems. That’s why it’s so important to check on your loved ones!  A simple text or phone call can mean the world to someone struggling. If you are away from home this holiday season and missing your loved ones. Know that you’ve got a group of besties here for you! Family doesn’t always have to be blood related. 

This holiday season surround yourself with the people who mean the most to you! Plan a dinner party or spend an evening watching your favorite holiday movies with friends. Bake cookies with your grandparents, or go sledding with your younger siblings. 

Plan Ahead

How stressful is it to feel like you have plenty of time to buy the perfect gift and decorate your home, only to realize you have a month, maybe two at best to get everything on your to-do list done? Do you wish you had your own village of elves to help you get everything done? Being as proactive as possible and planning ahead can help!

Trust me, you don’t want to be that person fighting a crowd of people on Christmas Eve at the mall because you forgot to find the perfect gift for your significant other’s grandma. Random, I know, but it happens. Setting aside money throughout the year can be a tremendous help when gift shopping. Creating daily task lists can keep the feelings of overwhelming anxiety at bay while tackling your long list of to-do’s little by little before the holidays. 

Dance it out  

This is the most fun tip I have for you yet. Take all those negative emotions and shake them off! Put on your favorite song, holiday themed or otherwise, and dance! Moving your body is a great way to release negative emotions and recharge your energy for the day. 

Just like that, you’ve created your own toolbox of things you can easily reach in and grab when your mental health is low. This is exactly what I do in order to get through the really hard weeks and days.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with nothing but happiness! But on the occasions when you don’t feel joy, remember that the holiday season is temporary and it will pass. I’d love to hear your best tips for getting through the holidays below!


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