A year In Review: Highs of 2022

Dec 27, 2022

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During 2022, I’ve learned to enjoy happiness but strive for contentment. Whenever I look back on my life, I feel much more positive about the days that were simply okay. Okay is good.

That being said, some of my days this year have been EXCELLENT, and I want to tell you all about them!

My Costa Rica trip

This trip was probably the highlight of 2022. I fell in love with this amazing country during the 6 day vacation I had with my boyfriend Owen. I surfed here for the first time in my life, went snorkeling and swam with white tip sharks, saw monkeys by the waterfalls and so much more! 

A stomach bug did stop me from an excursion into the rainforest (which will have to wait for next time) but there was so much beauty to take in regardless. This is a lovely piece of heaven with wonderful people and breathtaking nature, and I cannot wait to come back.

If you ever want to visit, I have a lot more details in my blog post about the Costa Rica trip.

Becoming acne-free

Another huge win for this year in review: conquering my acne! I’ve struggled with cystic acne for years. In 2020 I finally started taking Accutane. It made my skin and eyes dry and painful, and it took a toll on my mental health too. My chest and back acne started to clear up, and I was done with the first round after six months.

Soon after, it came back. I had to start another six month round of Accutane. That one didn’t last long, either. I got a PCOS diagnosis and got prescribed spironolactone, which helped my acne and other problems. This medication, alongside Tula products and a lot of work on self-acceptance have helped me feel beautiful in my own skin. It was a long journey, but this year I finally feel like I conquered it. 

The Free To Be Conference

On the first day of October, Gabby and I finally saw our in-person conference Free To Be come alive. It was 3 years in the making (our original conference was canceled during the pandemic) and we’ve enjoyed it to the fullest. We were SO ready to be back in person, feel the positive energy in the room and create connections with attendees, speakers, partners and friends.

We had fireside chats, interactive workshops, activities, panel discussions and it felt like a straight up PARTY full of people lifting each other up. I got to do this alongside my best friend, and it turned up to be a magical day. It’s definitely a highlight of 2022!

Skiing in Colorado

Looking back at 2022, this easily comes to mind! In spring, Owen and I took a skiing trip to wonderful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I don’t think I’ve smelled a fresher air in my life! Skiing through the conifers felt so peaceful, with the snow muffling all the sound around us. 

Muscle memory kicked in early and we felt brave going down the slopes. A certain someone I know face planted 🙂 It was such a wonderful experience and we now have a great memory to look back on. 

Professionally decluttering my home

My 2022 review would not be complete without this. As most folks living with ADHD, I tend to have a harder time keeping things organized – at least in the way most people understand the word. I have systems that work for me, but they tend to go out the window when I’m having difficult mental health days. Then, the extra clutter only makes it harder to get back on track. This is where Neat Method came in!

These professional organizers sorted through all the clutter and organized everything. They set up baskets, canisters and jars to group similar items together and everything is so much easier to find. 

Adding labels was genius because it gave me another cue to use if I can’t decide where something should go. It’s been almost a year since and (while still messy ofc) it’s really not as bad as it used to be. This is a great system to keep an organized home.

I hope you’re able to look back and find the positive in your 2022. Let’s all look forward to a better 2023!

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