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Sep 23, 2022

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Next in my house tour series is my favorite room I renovated: my kitchen! It’s sleek and vintage modern with a touch of cottage cozy. It took me a while to accumulate everything because they’re from so many different places, but I think I’ve finally finished the room… for now 😉

I wanted to make sure that all of my favorite pieces could be paired with any kitchen design. That way they still match if I decide to completely change the aesthetic of the room. I love my kitchen and I hope you take away a little bit of inspiration for your next project!

Dining furniture

 I wanted to make sure my dining room and kitchen were cohesive spaces while still allowing the dining room to have its own moment within the space. These pieces add a touch of simple, modern and vintage I was going for! The table has a beautiful stone finish, and gives the overall look a modern take on a retro 50-60’s diner table setting. 

This rug from World market was the finishing touch to the dining area! It perfectly separates the two spaces while continuing the vintage look throughout.

*The red velvet chairs are out of stock at Target right now, but I love the other colors just as much!

Dishes and cookware

When you’re cooking, obviously you need something to cook with. You really don’t know how much you need certain cookware accessories until you don’t have them! I’ve slowly collected my main kitchen essentials over the past couple years, but I think I finally have what I need… and then some.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with matte colors and stoneware. I think it highlights the sleek and modern look of my kitchen. Not to mention, it makes me want to entertain more just so I can serve food on them!


And now for the fun part! I had so much fun watching this kitchen come to life! The kitchen decor is full of neutral tones, gold and amber accents, and leafy green plants, allowing for the entire space as a whole to be the main focal point of the room. 

I get so many compliments on the color of the cabinets, they deserve their time to shine. The modern vintage feel I wanted, fully embodies the space, and makes you want to spend an afternoon baking cookies and dancing throughout the kitchen. 

Keeping with a neutral theme in decor also allows me to change things up and add pops of color whenever I want.

Coffee and wine bar

Now for my favorite part! I created my own little coffee and wine corner in my kitchen and it’s adorable. Coffee is how I start most of my mornings… and I occasionally end them with a nice glass of wine. I wanted to make a little space expressing my gratitude to the nectars of the gods. 

This was a fun space to create because it’s separate from the rest of the kitchen in a way. The different cabinets and backsplash makes it its own thing and I love that. And who doesn’t want a mini wine cooler?!

If you do decide to renovate your kitchen, I hope you have as much fun as I did! Transforming a space is so satisfying to me, so share your before and after photos. I hope I gave you a little inspiration to start with!

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