Mik’s Backyard Transformation

Mik's backyard transformation

Aug 12, 2021

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Ever since I moved into my house, I’ve wanted to give my backyard a complete makeover. I had never had a backyard of my own that I could decorate the way I wanted, so I took this opportunity and ran with it!

It was a lot of research and hard work, but I created a backyard I never want to leave.

How I got started…

The first thing I did was repair the foundation of my backyard: the yard itself. There were a few patches of dirt throughout the yard so I laid dog friendly grass repair seed to just spruce it up a bit.

When the grass came in, I needed lawn maintenance tools…

Lawn mower: This lawn mower has been my savior throughout this project. It’s so easy to use and maneuver and is perfect for my medium-sized yard. It’s so quiet that I can mow my lawn whenever I want without annoying my neighbors AND it’s dual-battery powered so no gas or oil maintenance needed.

Weed trimmer/edger: If you don’t have an edger, then you’re doing it wrong. This trimmer gives your yard that finishing touch after mowing. This trimmer is battery operated as well so you don’t have to deal with annoying cords getting in your way.

I use mine to clean up the sides of my sidewalk so it’s a perfectly straight line and looks like I had a professional do it. 

Yard work gloves & all purpose rake: These yard work essentials are built to last. The gloves are high quality leather but have a nice breathable material on the back so your hands don’t bake in them. The rake is perfect because it has three sizes for every type of project and it’s lightweight, yet durable.

Now it’s time for the fun part…

I was so excited to decorate my backyard and give it the official Mik Zazon touch.

Patio dining table & chairs: I wanted a patio dining table because I want to spend as much time enjoying my yard as possible, even through meals. Also, there are 4 chairs so it’s perfect for having my friends over for dinner or drinks as well as when I want to take in some fresh air and work outside. 

More dining chairs: These chairs are similar to the set I have on my patio but for a cheaper price.

Outdoor sofa: This sofa is so comfortable, I could sleep on it. I’m so happy with it because of how durable it is. The frame itself is designed so water can slip through and air can circulate to avoid mildewing the cushions. Speaking of which, they are made with thick, weather resistant material so you won’t have to replace them all the time. This really is the perfect outdoor sofa.

More outdoor sofas: This metal outdoor sofa is similar to my sofa but for a cheaper price.

Ratan chairs: I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. These stackable chairs have been perfect for extra seating when I have company over. They’re weather resistant and really comfortable. I love the traditional/modern edge they give my patio!

More ratan chairs: These ratan chairs are similar to the chairs I mentioned above, but have a rounded back and are a bit cheaper.

Extra seating: I love to entertain so there is bound to be more people than seats, so I made sure to grab a few extra chairs that follow the aesthetic of the yard, yet are comfy enough to not want to get out of!

Gas fire pit: Probably my favorite part of my yard is this awesome gas fire pit with a wind guard so not even a little breeze could ruin the ambiance! It also has a lid that turns it into a table for extra usefulness! I seriously can’t get enough of this fire pit.

Adirondack chairs: Of course I wanted a few comfy chairs to enjoy my fire pit with, so these polywood adirondack chairs were perfect. The only problem is, I don’t want to do anything except sit by the fire!

And to finish up…

I laid down some beautiful black and grey river rock in my landscaping to tie it all together. I love this type of river rock because it restrains weeds from growing in my landscaping so when I go outside, I can relax and enjoy my beautiful new yard.

I decided I needed a couple small trees to really tie the yard together, which is when I found the hornbeam tree. They’re gorgeous and can fit in a pot sitting on your porch until/if you ever want to transfer it into the ground. 

This was one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever done because it was so much fun and I’ve never done it before. Stay tuned to see what project I do next!


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