My Favorite Inclusive Swimwear Brands

Aug 24, 2020

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From personal experience, I know that it can be a challenge to find swimsuits that fit perfectly. I have 100% experienced that feeling of defeat when you order a bathing suit online and it doesn’t fit the way you expected it to because of how it looked on the model. This is extremely frustrating and it is just a reminder of how important it is for swimsuit brands to understand that people aren’t built the same exact way. 

Many swimwear companies have failed to represent all body types, both in their ad campaigns and in their sizing options. Not only does this reinforce the pressure society puts on people to look a certain way, but it also leaves virtually no size options for some body types. The very existence of inclusive swimwear brands is a good sign that society is changing for the better. Whether you’re plus size, petite, or somewhere in between, here are a few of my favorite inclusive swimwear brands that everyone should know about.


ASOS has the widest range of suit styles I’ve ever seen!! Their online selection features literally thousands of different swimsuits. If you browse their swimwear page, you’ll see that they have a variety of style, color, print, and fabric options. The filter feature on their website makes it super easy to base your search on size, color, or style.

Since ASOS is a London-based company, their sizing for each item may be a little different. Meaning some bathing suits will come in sizes XXS-XXL while others will come in US 00-US 26. However, they still do an excellent job of making their swimsuits in a wide range of sizes. They have size-inclusive swimwear lines called ASOS Curve and ASOS Petite.

ASOS swimsuits are so cute and many of them are on the more affordable side. Their regular-priced swimwear items can range anywhere from $10 to $200, but the majority of their items are fairly inexpensive. During some of their online sales, I’ve seen some of their clearance items go for as low as $3.50. 


Aire is one of the more notorious inclusive swimwear brands. They have been using women of all shapes and sizes to model their swimwear, and they were one of the first companies to do so. Their bathing suits come in sizes ranging from XXS-XXL. They also have “long” options in every size they carry.

Aerie has a wide selection of swimsuits that are for all shapes and sizes. Their bikini tops and bottoms come in a variety of fits, styles, colors, patterns, and fabric types. They also have many one-piece styles to choose from. Their website has a filtering tool that makes it so easy to find the exact fit, style, and color that you’re looking for. 

Aerie swimwear is also on the more affordable end. Their swim items generally range from about $20-$60. When they’re having online sales, I have seen some of their clearance swim items sell for as low as $9.97. 

Night Dive Swim

Night Dive Swim is one of my newest swimwear obsessions! The founders of the brand are just downright incredible and they claim that the brand was made to “spread self-confidence and joy.” You can tell that so much thought was put into their suits!

This company does an amazing job of making really cute swimwear available in a wide range of sizes. The sizing of their bathing suits ranges from S-3X. They have a variety of swimwear that is flattering for all body types. Their swimsuits also come in many different colors and patterns.  

Night Dive Swim’s products are a little pricier than ASOS and Arie, but they’re a higher quality swimwear brand. Their least expensive swimsuits total around $60 and their most expensive suits cost around $100. During their online sales, I have seen their clearance swimwear items sell for as low as $24.

Mimi Kini

Mimi Kini is an Australian-based swimwear brand. All of their swimsuit designs are made by the two amazing owners of the company, which makes for a really intimate shopping experience. A lot of heart and soul went into their brand and their main mission is to “create a swimwear label that is for every woman.”

This inclusive brand offers a large selection of one-piece and two-piece swimsuits for all shapes and sizes. Their bathing suits come in many different colors, styles, and fits but their website lacks a search filter to make it easier to browse specific items you might be looking for. Their sizing ranges from XS-6XL and their size guide provides helpful visualizations of models of all sizes to help you narrow down what size you need!

Mimi Kini is another ethically made swimwear brand that produces high-quality swimsuits. Their products are also on the more expensive side compared to brands like ASOS and Arie. Their regular-priced swimwear items range from $69-$145. During online sales, I have seen their clearance swim items drop to about $35. 

Society still has some pretty messed up views on body image,  but knowing that there are brands out there that are trying to normalize all body types, is extremely refreshing. Just know that no matter what size you are, you’re beautiful and you deserve swimwear that makes you feel beautiful!

If you’re constantly stressing out and struggling to find swimsuits that fit your body type, I highly recommend checking out these size-inclusive swimwear brands! 

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  1. Christina says:

    I know the struggle is hard to find a good size swimsuit, but if possible it’s best to avoid the brand ASOS. they copy designs from organizations such as CHNGE and are a FAST FASHION COMPANY. this means they don’t pay their workers enough for a living, are TERRIBLE for the environment, and so much more.

    • Mikayla Zazon says:

      I love supporting businesses and artists of all sizes. I’ll do my research on ASOS and make better recommendations in the future. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. XO

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