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Mik Zazon - The Growth Collection

Nov 2, 2021

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The Growth Collection is live! I’m so excited to be working with Paris Jewellers in bringing you this beautiful and elegant jewelry collection for a limited time! Paris Jewellers is a Canadian-based, women-owned jewelry company operated by sisters, Chau and Trang, who moved to Canada from Vietnam to create a better life. They base their business’s vision on their roots, so that they can continue to grow and I’m beyond grateful to be working with them on this project!

I’m absolutely in love with these pieces. They’re perfect in every way from the 10 karat gold to the ethically sourced diamonds and especially the whimsical leaf design on each piece. The leaves symbolize growth as we adapt to every season; we bud, grow, mature, change and fall just like leaves.

This collection was inspired by my journey of growth, letting go and continuing to change to find my true self. I hope you love these pieces and they mean as much to you as they do to me.

Earring Cuff

Material: 10 karat solid yellow gold 

Size: O/S

Price: $119 USD / $149 CAD

This single earring cuff is perfect for those who don’t have pierced ears but want to add a little bit of style or those who want to top off the perfect earring stack. I love this piece because it’s inclusive to those who don’t want to get their ears pierced and it’s versatile; you can put it anywhere on your outer ear!

Mik Zazon Growth Collection Earring Cuff by Paris Jewellers

Diamond Hoops

Material: 10 karat solid yellow gold & .03 CTW of ethically sourced diamond

Size: 14 mm

Price: $279 USD / $349 CAD

The diamond hoops are a lovely addition to any outfit for any occasion. They’re simple yet elegant and the four diamonds embedded in the leaves represent the four seasons and give it an extra pop. I can already tell I’ll be wearing them basically every day. 

Mik Zazon Growth Collection Diamond Hoops by Paris Jewellers


Material: 10 karat solid yellow gold

Size: 16” / 40.6 cm chain

Price: $239 USD / $299 CAD

The gilded leaf pendant on this necklace is so whimsical and cute, it makes me feel like a fairy! Like the hoops, the necklace is so simple but it adds so much grace to any outfit you pair it with. The lightness of the chain makes you forget you’re wearing it but no one else will!

Mik Zazon Growth Collection Necklace by Paris Jewellers

The Growth collection is available for a limited time and makes a perfect stocking stuffer! To sweeten it even more, all purchases shipped to the US or Canada receive free shipping. Grab these gorgeous pieces before they’re gone!


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