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Mik and Blue

Apr 13, 2022

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Remmy and Blue are my best friends, my family, my world. I remember bringing them to their new home and feeling excited and scared at the same time, thinking I didn’t have everything they needed. Chances are, you have more than enough essentials, but what’s a few more things for your furry friends? Here are a few of Remmy’s and Blue’s favorite treats, toys and tech!

Cat Essentials – Remmy Approved!

Automatic feeder

They make life so much easier! Not only is it nice to be able to schedule meal time on your phone, you can record a 10-second voice memo that’s played right before it’s time to eat. This way if I’m out later than expected, he can hear a familiar voice.

Automatic cat food feeder


Remmy LOVES his Churu. It’s a natural, lick-able treat that comes in a few different flavors. I’m always worried about if Remmy is drinking enough water, so these are a good way to treat your cat while giving them extra moisture!

Churu cat treats

Organic catnip

Sprinkling a little bit of organic catnip on your cat’s scratching post can help teach them where they should scratch and keep your furniture intact! However, only use catnip in small amounts and for training purposes. Too much catnip can make your kitty feel sick, so please only use it when necessary and NOT for your own amusement!

Organic catnip and silver vine

Self-cleaning litter box

Does this one really need an explanation? Self-cleaning litter boxes are so convenient and worth the purchase! Obviously, it won’t make your cat’s litter box completely hands-free, but it’s nice to just have to empty out the trap every day.

Self-cleaning cat litter box

Dog Essentials – Blue Approved!

KONG toy

These are great for puppies who love to chew. Plus, they’re made of non-toxic rubber, so I don’t have to worry about what Blue is chewing on. Not to mention, it’s the perfect way to make sure your pup doesn’t eat their treats too fast!

KONG toy

Slow feeder bowl

INVEST IN A SLOW FEEDING BOWL! Blue used to eat his food so fast that it gave him an upset stomach, but these really were game changing. 

Slow feeder dog bowl

Natural treats

If you get a KONG, you have to get treats too! These handmade, natural cheese and bacon dog treats from FlorisNaturals on Etsy are sure to make your dog happy! And they have a shelf life of 18 months!

Natural cheese & bacon dog treats

Biodegradable dog bags

These biodegradable waste bags are perfect for W-A-L-K-S! Your pup is bound to go to the bathroom during your walks, so come prepared with FiveSeason Stuff’s Biodegradable poop bags. Clean up after your dog and do it sustainably!

Biodegradable dog poop bags


Speak buttons

By now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the speak buttons for your pets on TikTok. We’ve all wondered what our animals are thinking and now you can find out! I can’t wait to try these out on Blue and Remmy!

Speak buttons for pets

Snuffle Mat

Help your pet enhance their sense of smell with a snuffle mat! It’s meant to get their brains working by sniffing for the food that you hide throughout the mat. AND it’s great for slow feeding for the sensitive tummy pets!

Snuffle mat for brain and sense of smell enhancement

Custom collar tag

These are too cute not to mention. It’s so important to make your pets identifiable in case they get lost and these custom collar tags from LuckyTags are an adorable way to do it!

Custom pet collar tags

Pet travel bag

Just like a child, your pets need a go-bag. Get one equipped with a built-in water bowl, food bowl and plenty of compartments for storing all of their treats and toys!

Pet travel bag

I can’t tell you how much Remmy and Blue have saved me. Give back to your furry friends by pampering and spoiling them as much as possible!


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