Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves for 2022

Mar 24, 2022

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I am SO excited the weather is finally turning and it’s starting to feel like Spring (most days, anyway!) With the weather being in this in-between time is so confusing, I am sharing my best wardrobe pieces for transitioning from Winter to Spring!

White button-up

I love a white button up shirt any time of the year but it really hits differently during this transitional period. Don’t you hate it when it feels like winter when you leave the house in the morning just to have it 70 degrees out by noon and you are dressed completely wrong?? 

Enter the white button up. It’s a classic look and the perfect extra layer. I love to wear mine oversized and over a tank top and bike shorts with a sweatshirt draped around my shoulders for the chillier mornings. It also looks fantastic over a crop top paired with jeans and booties. Perfect option to keep you make sure you’re not freezing in the morning, but that you’re not too hot by afternoon!

Belt bag

I am obsessed with Belt Bags. I know they are essentially a rebranded fanny pack, but I am here. for. it. Definitely can’t get away with wearing them in the winter because I just have way too much stuff to carry around then. 

Now that I need less layers and just need a few key items when out walking my dogs I rely on these! They are perfect for holding just enough and not making me feel too weighed down. I end up walking for hours because my hands are free. Plus, when I wear them cross-body style I make my athleisure feel instantly accessorized. 

Cropped Hoodie

So simple. So perfect. I wear these when I put absolutely zero effort into an outfit. They are so easy and comfy, yet look a little more intentional than an oversized sweatshirt. The one I am wearing here is SO BUTTERY SOFT. You really need to try this one to understand just how soft it is. I feel like I am wearing a hug all day. This one linked comes in a ton of different colors and I may or may not have all of them. When it works, it works!


How could I not include a shacket on this list? They were MADE for this time of year. It’s all the benefits of a jacket but with the polished look of a shirt. I am ready to get rid of all my jackets now that winter is coming to an end but we all know we still need the extra layers these days. I love a neutral color or denim shacket to mix and match with all my spring dresses for an effortless look. 


As much as I want it to be sandal weather, we’re just not there yet. I’m relying on my Converse to get me through this transitional period. They are light as can be yet still keep my feet from freezing off. I have yet to find an outfit that isn’t made cuter by a pair of these kicks. My absolute fave is wearing them with airy dresses to make a girly meets grungy type of look.

Trendy sunglasses

We are spending more and more time outside now that the weather is warming up and the sun is going down later and later each day. I love to treat myself to a new pair of sunnies each Spring. They obvi are functional and protect my eyes but also serve as an amazing accessory to tie outfits together! It is hard to not feel ‘put together’ when you are rocking some cute eye-wear.

Bright Workout Sets

I am at the point in the year where I am ready to throw out all of my dark workout outfits. All the black and grey just reminds me of winter and I am OVER IT. Give me all of the light and bright sets. I am convinced that feeling this cute at the gym provides a better workout. The science is still out on that one, but I will be rocking these all the way to summer. Check out my favs from Balance Athletica (these are best for my  HIIT workouts because they really hold everything in!) and Abercrombie (Love these for lift days… and for coffee dates because they are just that cute).

Skinerals organic self-tanner

I don’t know about you but when the weather starts to get warmer I immediately feel like I should be on vacation. Blame it on being cooped up all Winter! Since I do not have any vacays planned, I grab the next best thing – vacation in a bottle! 

This isn’t a wardrobe staple (or even wardrobe!) but your skin is going to be on display a lot more these next few months! When showing off more skin, I love to have a little ~glow~ going on. Skinerals offers an ah-mazing self tanning bundle that makes it truly impossible to mess up/get a streaky tan. And it’s good for your skin! 

Warm weather is almost here, but you still have time to stock up on all the cutest spring wardrobe essentials of 2022!

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