Transformative Skincare: My Journey to Clear Skin with Face Reality

Dec 27, 2023

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Dealing with persistent cystic acne can be a daunting journey, especially when traditional treatments like Accutane and Spironolactone yield temporary results and take a toll on mental health. As someone who struggled with acne since the age of 12, enduring rounds of antibiotics, birth control, and various skincare regimens, I found myself frustrated with the lack of lasting solutions. However, a turning point came last July when I discovered Face Reality skincare, a game-changer that finally provided the attention and results I needed.

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The Accutane Cycle

Having experienced the Accutane rollercoaster twice, I was halfway through my third round when I decided to call it quits due to its adverse effects on my mental well-being. Even with antidepressants and the support of a therapist, I was seriously struggling with everyday tasks. Repeating the pattern from the previous rounds, my acne resurfaced three months later.

My journey with Accutane wasn’t all bad. Despite the negative side effects, such as joint pain, changes in eyesight, dry eyes, dry skin, cracked lips, and low sex drive, it completely cleared up the cystic acne on my body and most of my face. In addition, Accutane was the reason I figured out I had PCOS because of the monthly blood draws to check hormone levels and to make sure my organs were steady.

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Early spring of 2022 is when a lot of surface-level acne and some cysts resurfaced on my face. With the knowledge I now had about having PCOS, I decided to see my dermatologist to get on spironolactone because I heard that it could help with some of the other side effects. Aside from cystic acne, I was experiencing irregular periods and hirsutism. I was put on 100mg of spiro that spring, and it cleared up my acne very quickly, but it had no helping effects with my period and excess hair growth. 

Spironolactone brought temporary relief, but even its effectiveness waned over time.

The Quest for a Lasting Solution

Frustrated with the lack of comprehensive guidance from dermatologists and the transient nature of traditional treatments, I sought an alternative path to clear skin. Enter Face Reality, a company with a skincare approach that caught my attention through its personalized and holistic methodology.

To be honest, I was terrified of trying something new again. I was completely exhausted from all of the different approaches I tried, and my past experiences with using new skincare only made my acne worse. What did I have to lose though? The only way I was going to find out how to take care of my skin was through trial and error, and I was desperate. I didn’t want to be burdened by the mental and physical pain of acne anymore. 

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The Face Reality Difference

Upon visiting the Face Reality website, I utilized their acne expert locator, which led me to Jillian—an experienced skincare professional with extensive acne training. At our initial appointment, Jillian assessed my skin, offering not just a treatment plan but valuable lifestyle advice.

I was given a 7-page document that went over skin-clogging ingredients in the makeup and skincare products I was using every day, as well as foods, cleaning products, and detergents that trigger acne. Also in the document were acne-safe replacements for all of the pore-clogging products I had been using.

From there, Jillian crafted a personalized regimen using Face Reality’s acne-safe products. She scheduled biweekly check-up appointments to see how my skin was doing and make adjustments to my routine to get the best results possible. By the end of the first appointment, I felt more prepared and educated than I ever have been about my skin. 

Biweekly Appointments and Product Adjustments:

For the past four months, Jillian has been doing biweekly light chemical peels. During these sessions, she fine-tunes my at-home routine to optimize results continually. The result? After just one month, my skin showed remarkable improvement, and after four months, I am almost off of Spironolactone while maintaining clear and radiant skin.

A Life-Changing Experience:

The Face Reality products, coupled with Jillian’s expertise, have truly transformed my life and instilled newfound confidence in my skin. The personalized attention, education, and ongoing adjustments have proven to be what was missing in my previous attempts to clear my acne. If you find yourself at a crossroads with acne treatments, it’s worth exploring Face Reality. It saved my confidence, my skin, and my life. 

I feel like I should mention that they are not paying me to say any of this. Their skin transformations from others speak for themselves. Face Reality acne experts go through intense acne education training, which is why their approach is so successful. If you are in an area with no acne expert you can see in person, they can also treat you online!

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