The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Dec 1, 2021

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In our next installment of “The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide,” let’s talk about gifts for him! Men can be a little harder to buy for, but it’s the perfect opportunity to get them something they wouldn’t normally get for themselves. Here are a few gift ideas for the men in your life:

Apple Air Tag

They will never play hide-and-seek with their keys again. This tiny tracker turns everyday objects into adventurous sidekicks they’re always saving from shenanigans.

BAMBOOVEN Men’s Dress and Trouser Socks

Elevate their sock game from “gym class” to “GQ photoshoot” with these bamboo beauties. Their feet will thank you.

Stanley IceFlow Tumbler

Keep their cool (literally) all day with this Stanley tank. It’ll hold their icy beverages for hours on end.

Cologne Sample Vial Gift Set

Unleash their inner fragrance explorer with this mini olfactory adventure. Find their perfect scent soulmate without the commitment (yet).

Carhartt Vest

Channel their inner lumberjack (even if the closest they’ve been to a tree is at the park) with this ruggedly handsome vest. Perfect for chopping firewood – or pretending to… with style!

Men’s Facial care

Guys get dry skin too!

Beard Care Kit

A little less Hagrid, a little more Momoa. 

Rolling Cooler Cart

For the outdoor entertainers!

Dad hat

Perfect for a dad-to-be; human or fur-baby!


Stylish, comfy and perfect for early morning coffee runs!

Smart Meat Thermometer

Perfect for the meat cookers in training!


Let’s be honest, everyone needs a good weekend robe

Tie and Sock Set

A nice tie and a good pair of socks are wardrobe essentials.

Heated Blanket

For those who refuse to turn up the heat!

Meat Smoker

Get him the smoker that’s small enough to travel with, but big enough to hold 6 chickens!


If they aren’t into the idea of waiting 8 hours to smoke a piece of meat, get them a grill that cooks it in no time!

Grill Tool Set

Obviously, they can’t use their hands! 

Beer Glass Set

For all the beer experts in your life.

Portable Fireplace

It’s outdoors-y without the harsh weather of being outdoors!

YETI Coffee Mug

When one cup of coffee isn’t enough, get them two and a half!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Protective of UV rays AND stylish?!

Alarm Clock

They’ll need their 6 a.m. wake-up call for Saturday morning trips to Lowe’s!


It might be cliché but you really can’t go wrong with a wristwatch.

Heating and Massage Recliner

A perfect way to get rid of the “dad grunts”


Get them the gift they never seem to get for themselves!

Men can be a little trickier to shop for, but whatever you get them, I’m sure they’ll love it!


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