Tips To Overcome Your Gym Anxiety

Sep 13, 2021

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Gym anxiety is real. The fear of being judged by others at the gym can be so strong that you decide not to go altogether. That overwhelming feeling that you’re embarrassing yourself. We’ve all been there.

Gym anxiety can be caused by several factors including not knowing how to use the equipment, being around others with varying levels of fitness experience, or just not knowing where to even start once you get to the gym. 

I have first hand experience, so I’m hoping this list, which helped me, will help you at least in some way.

Focus on your workout

I know it’s pretty obvious but you’d be surprised. You’re on your way to the gym, hyping yourself up to have a great workout. You step into the gym, see everyone else, and that hype vanishes. You don’t know where you wanted to start first or if this was ab or leg day. You get inside your own head about being inside your own head and it’s one of the worst feelings.

That’s when I started creating my own workout list to refer back to when I had that panicked moment. The best way to do this is by registering for a fitness program. My program HIIT30, for example, is one of my original workout lists that I still do at the gym. Having a set workout list in front of me with clear instructions on what to do was so helpful in conquering that “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” feeling.

Bring a friend

Who doesn’t like having a gym buddy, a hype-person, a familiar face, when going to the gym. Going on a health and fitness journey is scary enough, but to do it alone can be even worse for some. Bringing your friend to go on that journey with you makes it so much easier to stick to it and feel comfortable doing it.

Many gyms offer a membership plan for you and another person, so it’s even more of a reason to bring your bestie!

Join a fitness class

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to even start on your health and wellness journey. An easy fix to this is joining a fitness class. Starting your journey with others in the same boat as you can help you feel like you’re not alone.

It also helps you perfect proper form to prevent injury at the gym. Figuring out how to workout properly is always a priority, so joining a fitness class is worth considering!

Start slow

I know I’ve felt it before. Finding the perfect workout routine for you and diving right in. Most of the time, either the feeling fades or you’re so sore that you have to take a week off, then lose motivation.

It’s great to have the workout routine you want to try at the gym, but you have to take it slow! If your workout calls for weighted squats, just do some squats the first few times to warm yourself up. Perfect the workout but do it gradually.

Workouts are meant to make YOU feel good. Don’t let anxiety keep you from reaching your health and wellness goals!


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