Intentional journal prompts for the new year

Feb 3, 2023

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Self-love journal prompts

What challenges have I overcome this week?

It’s healthy to reflect on our obstacles and focus on how we overcame them.

What are my favorite qualities and abilities about yourself?

Focus on what makes you, you! Your kindness, your willingness to help others or your ability to see the good in every situation.

How can I practice self-love, self-care and self-confidence this week?

Think about how you can celebrate your wins and give yourself grace after your losses.

How can I dedicate myself to practice more self-love?

Set aside time in your day to focus on you. I like starting my day with affirmations on why I’m worthy and strong.

What are my favorite self-love activities?

This can be as big as a self-care pampering day or organizing your workspace. Regardless, do what makes you happy and love yourself even more!

Morning journal prompts

What was my first thought when I woke up this morning?

Write out why it made you happy, anxious, excited, indifferent or maybe a mix of everything!

How can I let go of yesterday and focus on today?

I am a big “what if” person, so I get it. It is hard letting the past go and focusing on the present, but I know we can do it!

How can I make today better than yesterday?

Regardless if yesterday was amazing or the worst, think of ways you can make today better. 

What is something I’ll do for myself today?

Treat yourself to a good coffee, a nice lunch or some much deserved relaxation.

How will I set boundaries for work and leisure time?

I can be a workaholic, so at a certain time every night, I log off of work and enjoy my evening without any work distractions. Sometimes… 🙃

Evening journal prompts

What is one thing I learned today?

It’s my goal to learn something new everyday!

What made me smile today?

Witnessing a random act of kindness or seeing a dog on my daily walk brings me the most joy and I make sure to document it.

How did I make today productive?

Whether you finished a project you have been working on for months or you got out of bed, a win is a win!

What can I do tonight that will help me tomorrow?

Your morning self will thank you for logging off of technology early and getting some restful sleep!=

Did something bother me today and how do I let go of it?

If you are like me, then chances are you bottle things up and internalize things that upset you that day. Please don’t! I have found just writing it down and getting it out of you is so helpful!

Success journal prompts

What is my main goal I’m working toward?

Where do you want to be in ten years, five years, next year or tomorrow? It’s good to remind yourself of your goals and why you are worthy of having them. If you can’t think ahead, how do you want to feel in ten years, five years, next year or tomorrow? What are some things you can do to take a step toward that?

What have I accomplished to reach my main goal?

The little wins and setbacks are what make the journey to your main goal even more special. 

What am I passionate about?

Our passions are what keep us going to reach our goals! Nothing is off limits. I’m super passionate about puzzles, french fries, crocheting, and helping others!

Who is in my corner cheering me on?

Trust me, there are more than you think! Whether that’s family, friends, colleagues or anyone, people want to see you succeed. You can always count on me to be in your corner!

I’m proud of myself because…

You are THAT bitch and you should be proud of yourself for being such a strong, badass human!

Journaling has helped me so much throughout the years! Even if you aren’t a writer, try it out! You might not even realize how much you want to say.

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