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Apr 5, 2021

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Body-confident affirmations can give your brain the boost it needs to help you become more confident. From personal experience, I can say that consistent reciting of body-confident affirmations has given me a more positive outlook on my physical appearance and has taught me to be kinder to my body.

So how do positive affirmations work? Well, the mind is a powerful thing. Experts believe saying daily affirmations can actually put you in a better mood and make you think more positively. 

The beauty of affirmations is that you can literally say them whenever you want! Some people like to recite them before, after, or during a workout. Others like to say them in the mirror, first thing in the morning. Some incorporate affirmations into their meditations. My advice is to work them into your daily routine however is best for you! 

Below you’ll find a list of 10 of my favorite body-confident affirmations.

1. I feel good, strong, and confident in my body

I realize this one can be easy to say out loud, but hard to genuinely feel. Consistency is key! The more you say it, the more you will begin to mean it – trust me. Power through even if you don’t feel good, strong, or confident when you first try out this affirmation. Eventually, you will start to actually feel more positive about your body and all it is capable of.

2. I love and accept my body exactly as it is today.

Genuine self-acceptance (flaws and all) can be difficult to achieve, but with repetition, it will happen! Being able to say this to yourself and mean it is such an important building block towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. When you find yourself starting to focus on your flaws, stop and recite this positive affirmation to yourself.

3. I am still learning how to love my body.

It’s totally realistic if the first time you recite some of these affirmations you don’t really feel all that genuine about what you’re saying, and that is completely okay! Practice makes perfect!  Keep this in mind when you first start and let it fuel you when you want to give up or think it’s not working. Be patient and remind yourself that you’re learning how to love your body at your own pace. It’s going to take some time, it’s ok to backslide, and it’s fine to mess up.

4. My body is perfect in its own way and doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.

It’s always good to remind yourself that you don’t need to compete with anyone when it comes to the physical appearance of your body. A trigger for me is social media. If I ever notice myself starting to compare my physical appearance to someone I follow online, I unfollow them. Any account that makes me feel self-conscious about my mental or physical wellbeing is not an account that I want to follow.

5. I am grateful for the strength of my body.

Many people, especially those who are young and healthy, tend to take their physical strength for granted. Everyone’s body is built differently, so some movements that seem simple to one person are challenging for another. Everyone has different physical capabilities. No matter what level of ability you think you might be at, it’s important to remind yourself to thank your body for all the things it gives you the ability to do – even the things that feel small or inconsequential.

6. I love _________ about my body because it makes me special.

This affirmation is all about taking your flaws and insecurities and turning them into positive traits. It doesn’t only have to be about the things you see as negatives. You can just as easily do this to reinforce the things you already like about yourself. When you recite this affirmation, think of anything that makes you feel different, unique, or special. For me, it’s the birthmark on my face. It’s something I used to try to hide, but now I embrace it. It’s what makes me, me!

7. I am thankful to be in good health.

Say this affirmation even if you are feeling a little under the weather today. Your body does so much to keep you healthy and well, and it needs to be recognized from time to time. Use this affirmation to thank your body for all it does for you and your health.

8. My body takes care of me, so I take care of my body.

I cannot stress the importance of this positive affirmation enough! People tend to get so caught up in the physical appearance of their body and completely forget that the human body’s main function is to make sure you survive. Your body takes care of you every single day. It fights off your illnesses, heals your wounds, keeps you warm, and protects you. So don’t neglect it!

9. My body deserves to be taken care of so I nourish it with food and exercise.

Your body needs things like food and physical activity to carry on, but it’s important to remind yourself that your body also DESERVES these things. Your body is amazing! It deserves to be taken care of. Use this affirmation to remind yourself that your body is worthy of food, hygiene, exercise, sleep, and really anything your body needs. As a reminder, remember to eat and nourish your body!!!

10. My body has overcome many physical trials and it’s beautiful because of that.

The human body is truly an adaptable, ever-changing, amazing thing! Bodies change constantly throughout our lives as we age. They get bigger for some life experiences like pregnancy, or they might get smaller when our bodies are battling illnesses or diseases. The scars and stretch marks left on your body should be worn with pride, and serve as a reminder of the growth and triumphs made possible by your body. Be grateful for having your adaptable body to get you through all life’s changes.

I hope anyone struggling with confidence or low self-esteem gives these affirmations a try. Remember to be patient and consistent with reciting your affirmations. Eventually, you’ll notice how they can completely change your mindset for the better.

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