Empowering the next generation of young women

Empowering Young Women on International Women's Day

Mar 22, 2024

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Do you remember what it was like growing up without social media being the IT thing? I do! Being born into the early 90’s we were the last generation to grow up without electronic documentation of our every move. (and thank goodness for that) I don’t know how the younger generation does it some days. Social media can be an amazing tool for connecting with your peers and sharing your stories online. But, it also comes with constant exposure to harmful beauty standards and unrealistic expectations about what ‘life’ should look like.

With that thought in mind, I’d like to take this International Women’s Month to talk about ways we can empower young women online. As a whole, we should always be supporting other women with kindness and compassion. But now more than ever it’s so important to create a safe space online where we as women can share our real-life struggles/experiences and feel beautiful in our skin. 

What You See Isn’t Real 

Here’s a hint: 90% of what you see online isn’t real. Social media has become a space to share the ‘highlight’ reels of our lives. Which means you only see what someone else wants you to see. You don’t see their everyday lives and struggles. Because it’s been deemed uncool to share your emotions and cry on the internet. 

I think it’s important to share ‘real’ life on social media. Every one of us is human.. Many of the things I struggle with daily, could be the same things you struggle with. So why are we all dealing with the uphill battle we call life – alone? Instead of sharing our lives, and building a community that encourages us when life feels heavy?

Unrealistic Beauty Standards

As women, we know just how unrealistic society’s expectations and standards of beauty are to maintain. It’s practically impossible to meet a standard some man created decades ago because it was his idea of ‘perfection’. Yeah, no thanks. 

For example: Only 5% of the people in the world look like the body you see on social media. From photoshopping thigh gaps to removing acne and airbrushing fly-away hair strands – it’s all an illusion. Normal bodies of women come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all beautiful. It’s so harmful to your mental state to be constantly bombarded with social media posts and advertisements telling you ‘you’re only beautiful if’ you meet x,y, and z. See my reaction to ‘Legging Legs’ as a trending post on social media.

The double standard of Aging as a Woman

How many times have you heard someone on social media or TV, say a woman was ‘past her prime’. Probably more than a few, right? Let me tell you, there is no prime of life. A woman can feel and look her best at 25, 35, or even 65. It all depends on your mentality. All that matters is how you feel about yourself. 

In comparison? A man who’s aging is revered for his ‘silver fox’ looks. So if aging for men is celebrated then why isn’t a woman who’s aging gracefully and beautifully given the same attention? A trend I’ve been loving lately on social media is when women post their age and their faces naturally, celebrating their signs of aging. Those lines on the corners of your mouth that you try to hide? Those mean that you have a life filled with laughter!

Another thing women get criticized for in the media is their weight fluctuation over the years. Everyone’s weight changes, for multiple reasons. Big life events, stress, and the natural progression of aging. Your body never stays the same! It’s caused a lot of women to try harmful diets to get back to the way their bodies used to look to be accepted by society. So why don’t we celebrate making healthy choices that fit our lives and lifestyles in the moment? And celebrating that age not only brings us new bodies to love, but wisdom to know that our worth doesn’t come solely from what our bodies look like. 

You can’t hate your body into a version that you love.

An Online Safe Space

For the younger generation and ourselves, I challenge us all to create a space online where we as women can feel safe to express ourselves without fear of judgment from our peers. Because we all deserve to feel confident enough to share our most genuine selves with our community. Being a woman is a beautiful gift, that comes with a lifelong sisterhood of friends. So make sure to keep that experience for the generations to come, at any age and stage of their lives. 

If no one’s told you yet today:

  • You’re beautiful
  • You matter
  • Your opinion is valued 
  • You are not alone in your struggles 
  • You’re loved and supported 

Celebrating your womanhood and the women who inspire you doesn’t have to happen just once a year. I’d love to hear about the women who inspire you in the comments below!


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