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Jun 8, 2022

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TW: Mention of clothing size

A lot of you have been asking about the bathing suits I’ve been posting in, so here ya go! These are all of the suits I’ve worn this season so far and I’m obsessed with each one in their own way. Most of these suits either came from Skatie, Summersalt, Monday Swimwear or American Eagle/Aerie. Let’s have a hot AND comfy girl summer!

For sizing reference, I wear a medium in both swim tops and bottoms.


Products: Ella Top, Bobbi Bottom

The Bobbi bottoms were amazing because of how many ways you could style it. If I was feeling high leg one day and mid-rise the next, I could adjust them.


Products: Katie Top, Salty Bottom

We love a comfy underwire. Swimsuits with wires poking the girls are annoying, but the Katie top was perfect! The straps could be adjusted to straight back or crisscross for all of your support needs and it made for a very comfy top to wear at the beach all day.


Products: Sarah Top, Suzanne Bottom

As you can probably tell by now, I love a good high leg swimsuit bottom. This top/bottom combo is so cute and the Sarah top is just a mix of Skatie’s bestsellers, Penny and Halley. Honestly, this one is definitely a favorite of mine.


Products: Penny Top, Mandi Bottom

The knot in the front is so subtle, but SO CUTE! It adds a little design that brings the whole thing together without being too much. Plus, the thick straps give nice support while also being sleek and sexy.


Products: Crochet Maui Top, Crochet Byron Bottom, Hamptons Dress

CROCHETED BATHING SUITS! That’s all I need to say. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how excited I was when I put this set on. I’m obsessed!

Sangria Crinkle

Products: Palma Top, Byron Bottom

From now on, I think I’ll only wear textured swimsuits. The material is so high quality and isn’t bulky or uncomfortable at all! And this color is just *chef’s kiss*

Pistachio Wave

Products: Hanalei Top, Tamarama Bottom, Monaco Pistachio Shirt, La Jolla Pistachio Shorts

My face says it all. The quality is high, the color is amazing and the cover up set just really topped it all off, I love it!


Products: Sarah Top, Mandi Bottom

This set is simple but timeless. The style, the fit, everything, it’s perfect!

Sky & Blue Mountain & White Sand

Products: The Sidestroke

This is one of the many suits I wore in Costa Rica and I couldn’t get over how comfortable it was! It’s one of Summersalt’s best sellers and I can honestly see why.

Sky & Blue Mountain & White Sand Pt 2

Products: The Marina

The design is a little different, but this suit is really similar to The Sidestroke in all of the best ways!

Anguilla Pt. 2

Products: Alice Top, Mandi Bottom

Bringing back the Anguilla style because I love it so much. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the Alice top in the color I’m wearing in the picture, but the matching set is just as cute!

Lava & White Sand

Products: The Plunge Top, The High Leg Mid Rise Bottom, The Short Effortless Shirtdress Cover-Up

They don’t call it the plunge top for nothing and I’M OBSESSED! I think my favorite part is the halter top style on the sides.


Products: Alice Top, Mandi Bottom

This design is so bright and summer-y! In my recent trips to California and Costa Rica, I think this is the suit I wore the most.

Sharp Green

Products: OFFLINE Real Me Scoop Top, OFFLINE Real Me Crossover high Cut Cheeky Bottom

This one is a throwback from last year, but it’s still available and still adorable! I talked about comfortable suits a lot throughout this blog, but nothing compares to American Eagle’s OFFLINE material.

There are so many different styles of swimsuits, but these are just a few to get you started. I hope this list helped you narrow a few choices down!


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