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Jun 13, 2022

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A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to give Columbus Monthly a tour of my home for an article! I love my cozy little home and, slowly but surely, I have made my living room into one of my favorite spaces. With the right furniture and decor, I feel peace and comfort in my beautiful home. 


Penn Chair

Penn Chair

Imagine an aesthetic, yet cozy chair… that’s this Penn chair from West Elm. It gives me sophisticated study/artsy living room design vibes and I’m here for it.

Cat tree condo

Remmy needs some space for herself every now and then and I don’t want her sharpening her claws on my furniture, so a cat tree is a must! It keeps her entertained for hours.

50” QLED 4K Smart TV

This TV is one of my greatest purchases. The color is beautiful and the quality is amazing. You can set up motion sensors so that it shows your favorite art pieces or photos when you walk into a room. It’s like a TV and beautiful painting morphed into one!


Multi-Colored Lamp

Multi-colored floor lamp

This is the coolest lamp I’ve ever owned. You can just do a solid color, but there are millions of different color combinations you can choose from. It has smart control, so you can change the settings on your phone, pair it with any virtual assistant and set it to change colors with the audio of music, TV shows, movies or video games. It’s actually really impressive.

Aesthetic Floor Lamp

Sanna floor lamp

This lamp isn’t as customizable as the previous lamp, but it’s just as beautiful. It brings a vintage/comforting vibe to the space with its warm lighting. Nothing too harsh, so it’s a nice light to have on for the ambience.

Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screen

This took my fireplace and made it 10 times more elegant and gorgeous! Not to mention, it keeps the sparks and ashes from burning holes or ruining your floor!

Kitsch Marijuana Poster

Marijuana kitsch poster

I love the vintage movie poster art style and this one is even cuter than I thought it would be. The quality of the material is really nice too and it looks great in a frame.

Retro Cliff Jump Poster

Retro poster

The quality of the material and the picture itself are amazing! You can either buy just the print or with a frame. I suggest doing the frame as well because you get the perfect size for the print and it helps Etsy vendors!

La Gomme French Poster

French poster

As you can probably tell by now, I love vintage posters/wall art. This piece is simple but a really cute one to add to your collection.

German Advertising Poster

German poster

This was an advertisement from 1929 and it’s one of my favorite posters I have. It’s such a unique and retro print and always starts a conversation!

White Birch Log Bundle

White birch log bundle

Cottage core is here! Who knew a bundle of logs would tie a room together so well. The bundle comes with six all-natural birch wood logs from the forests of Wisconsin but remember, they’re just for decoration!

Faux Fig Tree

Artificial fig tree

This artificial tree is so high quality, it’s insane! It gives a modern living room design vibe, plus there’s no upkeep other than dusting. It’s a good investment because you’d probably never have to buy another one.

Black, Round Planters


I love this planter! The matte black makes it so sleek and modern that I use them for most of my plants now. It would be perfect for your artificial fig tree!

Washable Area Rug

Washable area rug

I have pets, so an easily washable rug is a necessity. It comes in a variety of sizes for any living room type and it’s so cute!

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